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The Avett Brothers

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The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers

D-35 Seth Avett

There is no harmony like brotherly harmony. Something indelible in the weave of voices and play of sensibilities is stamped into the fraternal DNA and also stems from a lifetime of shared experiences. You can hear it in classic brother acts across the musical spectrum, from the Louvin Brothers to the Everly Brothers and on down the decades through the Wilson brothers (Beach Boys), the Davies brothers (Kinks), the Allman Brothers and even the Brothers Gibb (a.k.a., the Bee Gees). You can clearly hear fraternal magic at work in the songs of Scott and Seth Avett, better known as the Avett Brothers.

"Introducing and fostering a close working relationship with the Martin Guitar company as an Ambassador has revolutionized my experience as a working musician.  In terms of functionality, the before-and-after would be on par with the difference between building a house by myself or having a legendarily experienced carpentry crew on the site.  In this case, fortunately for me, the additional carpenters have also become my friends"

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