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Neck Shape & Spacing

Connect with comfort and take control of your performance by selecting your guitar’s neck shape and widths while designing your custom Martin. 

  • Low Oval
    An easy-to-play profile for someone with smaller hands or a preference for a slimmer neck.

  • Modified V
    A vintage inspired profile with a less pronounced “V” than found on the vintage full-thickness predecessors.

  • Modified Low Oval
    Similar to the Low Oval, this profile has more of a blended transition from the neck barrel to the fingerboard for a slimmer feel without sacrificing overall neck thickness or width.

  • Performing Artist
    Players who transition often from electric to acoustic might find this a more familiar feel. Great for strumming up near the nut or sliding into leads further down the fingerboard.

  • Low Profile
    Found on many of our most popular guitars, this gradual “C” shape falls easily and naturally into the hands of most players. A terrific all-around option.
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