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Named after the largest battleship of the time, the Dreadnought Guitar by C.F. Martin evolved in the early 1930s and quickly became one of the most popular instruments worldwide. John Deichman was the Martin Guitar shop foreman and an avid guitar player who worked to design this 'boat' of an acoustic guitar. Together with Harry Hunt and Frank Henry Martin, Deichman worked to develop the first 12-fret design of the highly popular Martin Dreadnought Guitar.

The Dreadnought is a 12-fret guitar with bass-like qualities and deep resonating sound that incorporate a low-end response. Learn more about the dreadnought story and you'll start to understand why fans like the size and sounds that come from this beautifully crafted instrument. Over the years, fans of C.F. Martin have continually chosen the Dreadnought as their guitar of choice, earning the instrument several Player's Choice Awards, including the gold for several years.

    2000 - Dreadnought Guitar Gold Medal: C.F. Martin

    2006 - Dreadnought Guitar Gold Medal: C.F. Martin

    2011 - Dreadnought Guitar Gold Medal: C.F. Martin

    2014 - Dreadnought Guitar Gold Medal: C.F. Martin


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