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Lighting Upgrades

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Lighting Upgrades

From 2008-2009 lighting replacements were conducted throughout the Nazareth and Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico facilities.

  • T5HO lighting contains 30% less phosphor than T8.
  • T5HO lighting contains 70% less mercury than T8.
  • Longer lamp life yields reduced maintenance costs and less going to the landfill.
  • A T5HO lamp is a 5/8-inch diameter lamp, about 40 percent smaller than T12 lamps. The thinner lamps enable better photo-optic control of the light produced by the fixture, increasing efficiency, lowering energy costs and providing uniform distribution of its light output.

The wood acclimating room in Nazareth is equipped with a lighting control system and occupancy sensors so that lights automatically turn on when they are needed and turn off when the room is not occupied.

Based on specific starting and ending time assignments, a sophisticated building controls system automatically turns the lights off within Nazareth's sawmill, manufacturing and office areas when these areas are not occupied.

The lighting replacements throughout all Martin facilities are achieving nearly a 50% reduction in kilowatt hours (kwh) used.


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