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Finish Curing Room


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Finish Curing Room

With the assistance of an outside consultant, a finish curing room was configured, tested and implemented in January 2010 in Nazareth. During the configuration the energy cost impact of the project was carefully considered. To minimize energy costs, several key features were incorporated into the project:


  • A heat pipe energy recovery coil captures heat from the exhaust air stream and uses that heat to preheat the incoming outside air. The system can recover free heat on any day that the outside temperature is less than the room operating set point.
  • Instrumentation monitors total VOC levels in the space on a continual basis. The ventilation airflow rate automatically modulates to maintain the tVOC levels at acceptable levels. This will allow for reduced ventilation rates and corresponding energy costs when tVOC emissions within the room are less than the design criteria.
  • The system was designed to minimize air friction, thereby minimizing fan energy consumption.
  • Motion controlled T5 high output (T5HO) lighting automatically turns off when the room is unoccupied.


Overall, the operation of the new finish curing room minimizes energy use. The energy recovery device within the finish curing room will save over 10,000 therms of natural gas per year, equating to more than 60 tons per year reduction in CO2 emissions.



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